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Welcome to Musician's Access Web Radio!

A departure point on a musical journey. Neither the start of it, that's in your heart and spirit. Nor the end, that is in your future. This is a site to help you get there. We are always looking for new talent to showcase. Whether it be providing you with a presence on the web to display your songs or albums, or playing your songs on MAWR, the Musicians' Access Web Radio. Providing your calendar so your fans can keep track of you or presenting an interview Podcast of you telling your story.

The Musician's Access Web Radio Stream is the place to get your song heard on the net. We are working towards gaining enough listenership to qualify for SoundExchange status in order to pay artists whose songs are in the music stream. Until then, we are simply using the stream as a means to get your songs heard.

Anything is possible if you believe in it.